Ready to take control of your life?

Ditch the overworked and underpaid lifestyle and create a freelance writing business that works for your life and goals.

Yes I am!

Freelance Writing with Hanah Harvey is the exact system you need to become a freelance writer.

From what you need to start, how to know what to write, how to get clients, how to scale and everything in between.

→ You’re in the middle of the longest week of your life. 

→ The work is endless and you feel like you’re falling behind in every area of life.

→ You’ve spent all your time working but somehow there is never enough time or money.

→ You feel stuck, like you’re caught in the rat race and you don’t know how to get out of it. 

→ You aren’t ready to give up but you don’t know how. You’ve tried everything. There isn’t a DIY success tool that you haven’t downloaded. 

You don’t have to live like that anymore...


What if there was a way to work less than 30 hours a week and make $10k+ a month all while having control of time, location, and finances? Would you take one last chance and go for it?

Take a minute to think about it. How different could your life be if you had control of your time, money, and location? You’d have the freedom to travel (and pay for the travel) whenever you wanted, to take the kids to the zoo on a weekday, to make every weekend a long weekend, to have slow mornings with your family every day. → Insert whatever your dream schedule would look like ← 


This dream, having control of your life is totally possible through freelance writing. Now before you say, that’s not for me or - I don’t know anything about writing - guess what. You don’t have to. You don’t have to show your highschool English report card or be a grammar wizard to be a successful freelance writer. All you need is the exact process and roadmap to get you there. And that’s what I’ve done for you. 

You need the system...


Freelance Writing with Hanah Harvey is the system I used to create financial freedom for my family. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from becoming a freelance writer and created the step by step system that is going to guide you on this journey. Think of it like a roadmap, with only the exact directions you need. No u-turns, no fluff. Just the streamlined directions to get you rocking a freelance writing business.

Are you ready to take back control of your time, money, and location through freelance writing?


Hi there! I’m Hanah Harvey

I’m a Wife and Mama who created a business that not only gives me the freedom to work when I want and where I want, but also gives my family financial freedom. 

After creating success in freelance writing, I became passionate about helping others ditch the overworked and underpaid lifestyle by building their own freelance writing business.

It’s my mission to guide people along the exact roadmap to becoming a freelance writer. No secrets, and no holding anything back.

It’s my belief that anyone can create a profitable freelance writing business if they are willing to put in the work.

Look, I get it...

You’ve been burned in the past by all the courses and offers that promise to give you all the details and secrets - but they never do. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaching programs and I’m here to tell you that none of them have given me as much value as what I’m giving you in this program. This is a cumulation of all the things I’ve learned, experienced, and created for myself. This is your complete roadmap. This is it.


This is for you if...

→ You’re tired of living for the weekends.

→ You’re ready to apply yourself and do the work.

→ You’re not afraid of a little hard work and a lot of reward.

→ You’re ready to stop trading time for money

→ You’re ready to take control of your life

Your dream life is closer than you think…


It’s going to take some hard work and dedication (remember I’m dedicated to never sugar coating anything for you) but your dream life is 100% possible for you.

This is the exact process (plus what i’ve learned along the way) that I’ve used in creating financial freedom for my family. In my first month as a freelance writer, I tripled my income. TRIPLED.

I know that if you apply yourself and implement everything in this course you will be successful. But you have to put in the work. I can’t do this for you. Your success depends on you, I’m giving you all the secrets to my success - but ultimately, it's up to you.

>>  No more living for the weekends.

>>  No more missing out on family and friends.

>>   No more spending 70% of your life at your job.

>>  No more living life on the sidelines.


So how does this work?

When you register, you’ll get instant access to module 1, and the private Facebook group with your course schedule in your welcome email. In the private student Facebook group you’ll be able to post and receive 1:1 support from me. We will also have weekly LIVE Q&As where you can get answers to all your questions. I’m going to be there with you every step of the way.

This Freelance Writing Course will guide you through everything you need to create a profitable and stable freelance writing business. 

Even if you failed english class in highschool….
This course is going to walk you step by step through how to become a highly sought after writer. You don’t have to be a grammar wizard and you don’t have to have aced english. It’s much more simple than that.

Even if you don’t know how to write…
I’m going to tell you my secrets on how to always know what to write. No staring at a blank computer screen for hours. I’m breaking it all down and showing you exactly how to always know what to write.

Even if you don’t know how to create stability as a freelancer…
This course is going to take the scary out of leaving your 9-5 or current VA clients behind. You’ll learn effective ways to always have more than enough work month after month.


When you finish Freelance Writing with Hanah Harvey, you will have a full operating freelance writing business, you will know how and what to write, have a system for getting clients and managing them, and be well on your way to you first 10k month.


This program includes 3 core phases so you can set a solid foundation, learn and implement the skills you need, and create freedom.


→ Your Personalized Game Plan
→ Setting the Foundation for Success
Breakthrough Mindset Barriers
→ How to 
Find and Make Time


→ The How to’s of Writing
Content and Marketing
→ System for 
Getting clients
How to Manage Clients



→ Templates to Work Smarter
→ Building Out Systems
→ Navigating Roadblocks and Getting Unstuck
→ Success Habits and Long Terms Success
→ How to Create Stability and Wealth


So how is Freelance Writing with Hanah Harvey different than other courses?


I get it. You’ve probably seen half a dozen other courses promising you a magical union delivered to your door if you only purchase their program and you’re wondering why this course. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaching programs and I’m here to tell you that none of them have given me as much value as what I’m giving you in this program. This is a cumulation of all the things I’ve learned, experienced, created for myself.


This is my signature course. This program is going to give you literally everything you need. I’m including all the industry secrets in this program and giving you the scoop on exactly what I do in my business to be successful.


This is real. This is exactly what I have done to create a freelance writing business that has created a stable (and more than enough at that) income for my family. If you are willing to put in the work - you can have this too.


I don’t know how to say it any other way - but not BSing you. I’m keeping it real and going to be honest and open with you every step of the way.


You’ll get weekly group Q&A’s with me to get the support and real talk you need. You'll also have a private Facebook group filled with your peers who will cheer you on and offer feedback whenever you need.

Investment Options

Pay in Full


Access to Course Content 
Content will unlock weekly

Access to Student Facebook group
Community and weekly Q&A’s and bonus trainings

BONUS: 10 day 1:1 voxer access to Hanah


Payment Plan




Access to Course Content 
Content will unlock weekly

Access to Student Facebook group
Community and weekly Q&A’s and bonus trainings




I know it’s scary. I remember that uneasy feeling in my stomach and my palms sweating the first time I invested in building my own business. But wow… am I so grateful for pushing through the scary so I could get to the other side and experience this kind of life.

And you deserve this kind of life too. You deserve that better life for yourself and your family. You deserve to live EVERY SINGLE DAY how you want to. You deserve to be home instead of at your 9-5 or slaving away on your business to watch your kids grow up. You deserve that week day trip to the zoo or that impromptu vacation. You deserve to live the life you want.

And I believe in you

You get to make your dreams come true, and Freelance Writing with Hanah Harvey is going to help you.


Questions if this is right for you?
Send us a message.



What if I can’t afford it?
I get it, investing in yourself and your dreams can be scary. BUT by investing in this course you are investing in your future. This course is all about multiplying your investment and much much more.

What if I’m super busy and don’t have extra time?
In our very first module, I’m going to be giving you the time hacks I’ve used to balance it all. We will probably always feel busy so just think, if not now, when?

If I change my mind, can I get a refund?
No. I’m holding you accountable because I believe in this system. This is not for you if you aren’t ready to take action to get results.

How does it work?
You will get immediate access to module 1 and the private student Facebook group. You will receive your content weekly via email and will have weekly LIVE Q&A’s with Hanah in the private student Facebook group. 

Still have questions?

Your time is now.

I can’t wait to get help you along this journey to freedom!


Here's to being the boss of your own life and living how you want to live. Always. 
<3 Hanah


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